Emergency & Smart Lighting

Gemineye will remotely monitor the health and performance of emergency lighting assets. Gemineye can predict when a unit is likely to or about to become expired, allowing a service Engineer to provide preventative failure maintenance by changing a unit before it fails.

Residual battery life and energy usage (on globally recognised SMART commercial lighting) can be monitored by Gemineye.

Real time reports are sent in the same way as Fire Alarm faults to the designated people

Remote monitoring prevents a device failure straight after an Engineers visit, which may otherwise not be picked up until the next 6 monthly inspection

Engineers can log into Gemineye before service visits to ensure the right materials, consumables and equipment are taken to site providing a right first time approach, avoiding the need for second visit

Offsite functional emergency lighting testing can be carried out through Gemineye, obviating the need for an Engineer visit. This includes the 3hr test and the 15 minute testing carried out annually, six months apart. The visual inspection can then be programmed during fire alarm servicing visit.

Gemineye will remotely monitor emergency lighting operability and health and will immediately identify and report on anything that has or might soon cause a failure on a device

Gemineye will automate the scheduling and recording of functional weekly testing. On demand service testing can also be monitored and recorded.